Poetry (101)

Hello Escritori,

Today’s Sunday poem is a social piece, looking at a certain paradox in human behaviour. Hopefully this reminds people to “check it” – be kind and bridge the divide.

Checks and Balances

If there was just one thing

I wish would cease to be,

It would be

Anger being excused

And simply;

Being used as the

Caustic currency

That gives a man

His masculinity.


If this could be challenged

As much as it needs

So that perspectives

Can be rearranged

Then for my part

Through my art

I will fight to change

The idea of healthy

Male emotion as strange:


Because we are collectively

Failing humanity

If female resilience

Is not as prized

As one man’s empathy

Or need to cry.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 25/07/2017.)



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