Getting in the Pink

Hello Escritori,

This is just a little snippet of relaxing with: friends, smoothies, brownies and chat. That day also featured a cameo from pink lipstick (with frivolous lashings of gloss) and cat-eye sunglasses.

Sometimes on the walk on the way to get a drink, I have a tiny piece of a poem in my head which I will scribble on my receipt – sometimes I’ll take it with me, sometimes I’ll leave it like an anonymous Valentine out of season.

I actually found just such an old receipt down the back of my chest of drawers so here’s that little something:

Can you conceive of anything more euphoric 

Or perilous than this;

To part one’s lips

And spin 

Upon the axis

Of a kiss?

It was nice to find that again, although of course ”twas merely a passing fancy.  Cake eating on Saturday was a novel pleasure after being a gym-bunny for so long I must say. We are going to get Mary 2’s later in the week.

After the Doctor on Tuesday I ate two pain-au-chocolat consecutively, after nearly an hour and a half wait. The consequence of this was that by the time I left, lunch came around which meant I was starving walking past Waitrose. This is of course “the supermarket of The Posh” for which I was inadequately dressed (although largely in tones of acceptable middle-class beige, under which was deep purple.)

I’m sure only we proles feel it necessary to dress up to visit a supermarket.

I nabbed the necessary patisserie at the same time as getting a big bouquet of pink roses and white lilies for Mary 2. I vaguely felt quite French, as, for all anyone knew I was getting a late breakfast for a mussed-up lover and some flowers for our artists’ gite… they weren’t to know what the petite woman in the film noir trench coat and polka dot scarf was really up to.

(Basically… just eating.)

Side note: I must say, flowers that are actually NICE are bloody expensive aren’t they?

Back to that Saturday afternoon though, my friend had the right idea:

“We should get smoothies and be good so that we offset eating cake and being bad.”

That’s exactly the kind of marvellous logic a girl can get behind. It was lovely to see her, as it is any old friend whom you don’t have to explain yourself to – unlike the general pool of modern networking. It was a relief.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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