The Paper Chase

Hello Escritori,

This is a bit of a funny one, a bit of audience participation for the writerly among you who still enjoy doing things the old fashioned way – before I have my hiatus.

We who like paper based things – I think it’s safe to say – have a love affair with stationery. Finding the perfect notebook is slightly like going on date isn’t it? That’s vastly how I feel about it and I think designers are very conscious of our levels of discernment.

My own specifications include:

  • Lined pages, always and exclusively.
  • Nothing spiral bound at all if possible. Hard to store.
  • Decent to luxurious GSM of paper, at least so that the ink doesn’t leak.
  • Interior pockets if possible.
  • Small rather than large, handbag ready.
  • Sometimes a liquid proof cover.
  • Usually plastic or leather over a fabric cover.
  • Not overbearingly arty or motto bearing.
  • Sometimes with closure elastic.
  • Never metallic buttons. So cumbersome.
  • Not opposed to a pretty chapter ribbon.

It looks like a lot of requirements when you sit down and type them out. I may have a range of notebooks on the go that range from drafts to daily itineraries and shopping lists jumbled together. I am definitely one of those people who doesn’t remember a thing unless it’s written down.

I do have a habit of giving away my most beautiful ones as gifts though! I have a hard time keeping them, whereas I know that some writers hoard them. I did customise one (the white one pictured here) which has a designer’s dotty grids in it; but I am not a doodler on an artistic level in the least… so maybe the gifter didn’t judge that well. Any tips on how to use this though?

How about you? Let me know down below.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


2 thoughts on “The Paper Chase

  1. I also abhor spiral-bound things, but find lines too constraining. Usually stick to old-school science composition books with graph paper in them (yes lines but more helpful than demanding) — utilitarian but evoking experimentation.


    1. Hmm, interesting blend of a range of your personal disciplines… quite practical too. Like you’re transmuting the endeavour into a science. A distillation of words. 🙂


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