A Ciao for Now

Hello Escritori,

Now, I know that the majority of stuff I write is not groundbreaking or thought provoking although I hope not to be merely adding to the ‘Void.’

You’ve Got Mail fans, heeey!

However, ironically in what should be a happy week ending in the milestone of my hundredth poem on The Escritorium – I need to take a break (after this week is done on the blog.)

I’ve ransacked the library to have a good, long, escapist reading session.

It’s probably a slight bit of blogger burnout, and also just a lot of life stuff: or rather ‘huge things I am not doing in my life’ stuff. I am retreating to re-centre: possibly even to write, express my love for my friends and sort my bidness in general which involves being far more adult than I’d like even though I am relatively serious as a person.

I do have Poem 101 waiting in the wings. Although they feel a bit harder to compose lately.

I’m catching up with an old school friend this weekend and we’re going to try out a new panini place. That should be fun. My appointment with the Doctor is in a few weeks, but that situation is already much better due to rest days between workout days.

You can’t ask too much of your body if you’ve not built up stamina, slowing your pace is not failing. 

If things pick up and the Muse visits me (also known as searching for blogger articles on Pinterest) I’ll be sure to let you know and I will be around making/reading comments.

We have two more wedding type events coming up in late August. Otherwise Poetry Sundays will remain in place – I will always at least aim to keep that going – for myself as well as you. I’m so appreciative of you all. I just need time and things to look forward to and to inspire me. I will see the week out though.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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