Poetry (99)


Between Us

God alone created the dichotomy,

Between tragedy and beauty.

If we ever fight my love,

I promise that afterwards,

We will lay down somewhere in the middle ground

And make peace in that place

With the highest form of justice,

The love of the One who made us.


Then afterwards we will renew ourselves

In tears;

Borne up from the love between us.

Then there could be no more war,

For we have both pledged ourselves

To the One we adore.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 21/06/2017.)


2 thoughts on “Poetry (99)

  1. Sorry for yet another comment, I’ve just been catching up on your posts, and gosh, they’re all so amazing. I love this one. I wish someone would say these words to me. OK, I’ll stop bugging you now. God, you’re such an amazing writer!


    1. Thank you. Amazing and comfortably invisible. No contracts, no demands, no-one to disappoint. No one buys poetry these days anyway alas. Not unless you’re an authorpreneur.


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