Alice’s Curious Craft Idea

Hello Escritori,

You may know by now that I like to have a theme for my birthdays. The year before last it was just a crafting extravaganza and this year it was a vaguely Kate Spade-esque affair with cupcakes, a Candy Bar and a selfie frame.

To be honest, I never know what to do on my birthday but I was fed up these last two times with the boring old formula of “let’s go out to eat somewhere.” Although the stress of doing it yourself is sometimes not worth having; I think that’s why I like to have a theme – to keep everything uniform when I do.

I can be an annual curmudgeon because I don’t like being socially obliged to be happy. I’m either happy, or I’m not – I don’t need Hallmark to be my barometer.

I have Bipolar. Kidding. (Well. I do, but I don’t mean it like that.)

That said, I love other people’s birthdays. So while I was cutting a dash around town recently and discovering the ubiquitous trend for FLAMINGOS everywhere – I had the idea of a grown up Alice in Wonderland tea party. There were: flamingo shaped string-lights, flamingo printed dresses, hot pink glittery flamingo ornaments etc.

There was such a rush though that I couldn’t photograph them. Hence this gratuitous hedgehog, which would make a very fetching croquet ball. Albeit one made of copper.


It was then that after the Harry Potter themed Felix Felicis jar – I came up with this second literary make, as a present:


I used a clean jar and lid, craft key, some brown paper card-stock, some jute, some black floral washi tape, a paper rose, originally blush pink but painted red with watercolours. Extra points go to those able to source a white rose – for literary accuracy.

The card-stock was cut into the perfect DRINK ME label shape, then the lid was embellished with the washi tape and the paper rose, and the beautiful craft key was strung onto jute with the label. All that remains is to fill the jar with again, instant tea, cocoa powder, teabags or whatever the recipient likes best that stores dry.

Alternatively, you could re-label the jar EAT ME and fill it with a selection of sweets… possibly even some heart-shaped ones.

It’s little things like this, which make our inner bibliophile happy at The Escritorium.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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