Swanning Around

Hello Escritori,

Last week I decided to get back on the workout horse and in this instance, it wasn’t a horse, as you’ll see.

It was indeed a great morning, and luckily, I managed to do most of the training and the workout in the shade with my favourite (human) workout buddy who makes me look like a lazy bum. Lots of movie superhero running with bladed hands abounded. More of that occurred than the casual jogging and talking (astounding) that tends to go on in rom com movie-land.

There’s something to be said for early morning avian company with the sky as your roof. Sprints and abs training and instances of course of “Oh my God, you’re gonna kill me/ I think I’m dying/ My heart is going crazy” later – I felt refreshed. I warmed down, went home and had a smoothie. This is essentially what summer-time Pola is all about.

Winter time Pola is all about killer outfits and baked apple, honey and raisin desserts. Mmm. 

There is a part of me that is longing for Autumn a little in a way… not merely for dessert reasons. It’s just one of my favourite seasons. In the meantime though, working out was pretty great. By the time this goes up I will nearly be at the end of my house sitting duties while Mamma is in Italia for the first time. There’s another reason to be thankful for the scheduling button because I can predict that I’ll be frazzled and tired by then. I hope not, but you never know.

Between taking care of my body (it hurt to sneeze the day after) and instating prayers as regularly as possible, I am trying to keep hold of a precious balance which hopefully becomes habit on both scores. When something is good for you, that benefit should be self evident to you in the gratitude you feel: for having limbs that work, a capable body and a mind at peace, or if troubled, a mind that knows exactly where to go for the best guidance.

In Islam there is a principle called shukr – “shook-er” which translates as thankfulness, or praising actions that give thanks, hence the Arabic word shukranthank you! This is somewhat similar to mindfulness, but Muslims are encouraged to be people of thankfulness/gratitude (to God) and sabr, patience in the face of whatever comes their way.

It was a good morning to engage in shukr while aiming for that perfect balance of mind/body consciousness and in quite the most graceful company as the swans glided effortlessly on the water, watching these daft tiny hijabis running around.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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