Arabic Greeting Card

Hello Escritori,

With all the weddings we had going on recently, with more scheduled for August as well as the fact we’re very last minute: we’ve been having trouble finding greeting cards that strike the right note for a Muslim wedding.

The card (at least in South Asian Muslim culture) is not just as a means of conveying your best wishes to the couple, but also discreetly offering cash gifts, which are more common than boxed gifts.

Unlike in the West, white is the colour of mourning, a large majority of wedding cards depict people, or anthropomorphise animals, (art depicting animals or humans is not allowed) or pairs of champagne glasses. Of course, we don’t drink!

So I decided to craft my own. These cards read “hubb” LOVE in Arabic, the universal language of Islam.

You’ll need:

  • Window cards with envelopes
  • A4 Pastel coloured card-stock or recycled coloured envelopes
  • Foil or confectionery wrappers
  • Black glitter card-stock (any size)
  • Embellishments – here I used paper roses, and glittery stickers
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Scissors (and patience)
  • Some Googling.

First, smooth out your foil wrappers with the pad of your thumb, this is to create a flat surface for when you cut your glitter card calligraphy. Aim to avoid any traces of chocolate, you can dip a cotton bud lightly in mouthwash and swipe it over the traces to help remove it neatly.

Fold the A4 pastel card in half horizontally and cut it. Use one half and trim it to size so that you can fit it to show through the window in the main card, with a margin for sticking around the edge. Don’t stick it into the card yet though!

Using the height of your foil wrapper as a guide, cut a slightly shorter horizontal strip of glitter card stock. This strip will form the calligraphy, cut by turning it around with your scissors. I could have made a template out of paper, then flipped that and cut it, but I thought too late. Remember also, Arabic reads right to left.

Stick the glitter card calligraphy onto the foil, and stick the foil onto the pastel card. Now stick this whole insert into the main card, centring it with the cut-out window and leaving a little space for embellishments at the side. Any mess on the back of your card insert can be hidden away by a clean flap of main card. Stick this flap down securely.

Adding paper roses around the outside of a window card tends to create bulk, bumpy envelopes, extra weight and difficulty getting the card in and out. Solve this by including it on the insert only, when everything else is done, because you can place it better that way and reduce bulk.

Stickers or sequins are a great option because they are flat, but the possibilities are endless.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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