Weddings & Work

Hello Escritori,

Yarp. It’s that time again.

As you’ll know from the Shindigs in Pink post the first event of the season was before Ramadan. After this we went to a house party which was the same as ever, with people far too uncomfortably overdressed for a small space in my opinion. All the while I made up the ranks of the very few under-dressed genuine conversationalists – with there sadly not being much room to dance – and last week on Friday we attended the hotel event.


It was a lovely event with very fetching staging and a little whitewashed wooden Candy Bar! I wouldn’t even attempt taking a photo though, as it was swarming with children. Regular readers will know, I love me a Candy Bar, mainly for the halal Haribo and marshmallows. I really enjoyed catching up with some people I hadn’t seen in years including some Bengali and Somali sisters. It gave me a moment of pause to have pride in the beauty of the whole Muslim community and not just the subsection we see every day.


I wish we mixed a lot more within the faith, instead of being racially isolationist as this is not what Islam advocates at all, we’re all equal. The variety of colours of humankind are a sign of God’s ingenuity as a Creator. We could be far richer for it. I see so many mixed heritage Muslim couples on Youtube from the U.S. masha’Allah, we need to be more open minded in the U.K. I am obsessed with languages, so it’s no big deal to me!

Maybe I sincerely should start going to Jummah on Fridays to advance this kinship as well as the blessing of congregational prayer…?


The day after this event we were scheduled to attend a very last minute house party shindig by another family in the afternoon.

This made me supremely grateful for the WordPress scheduling feature because I will be exhausted by Sunday…. due to not just the prettifying and partying but also the spate of job interviews I have had recently which have also required makeup and ironing.

Ironing in Summer. Gah.

In true Bennet fashion, this happenstance required yet another outfit to be cobbled together, hopefully not one six inches deep in mud, however “invigorating” that was to Darcy: with all its attendant accoutrements.


Due to all this excessive social preening, I have now run out of foundation and would like to let my skin breathe, despite being good, cleaning brushes and face etc. Buying foundation is always a bewildering, laborious and sometimes stressful enterprise. This was the last event until August so actually thus far Wedding Season has been quite quiet and tame, with actually a good few people to talk to – so I have some time.

The Esteemed Mother is off Italy for a week and then we’ll be back with more thrills and spills of a ridiculously feminine nature. Wish me luck for an interview tomorrow!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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