Poetry (95)

Hello Escritori,

You may’ve seen the nasheed that I put on the Eid post. Most of my Ramadan reflection time was enhanced by Sami Yusuf‘s work and so I wanted to cast a little pearl out to say thank you to him. I think he’s on Twitter, nonetheless, whether the thanks are for the message or the messenger, I don’t know. I suspect they may be one.

I’m excited to be getting close to my hundredth poem insha’Allah. Incidentally, one of my recent favourite words is from Arabic: safina, ‘vessel, ship.’ It is a word as lovely as a girl’s name. In fact, it is – it means “victorious.” Here’s wishing you victory.


Shukran ya Sami *

There are some things

That are as precious

As jewels but gentler

And less brash

In their equal worth.


There are some pearls

That hide in plain sight

But are never seen

And others that are

Ardently quested for

Beneath many fathoms’ height.


I fell, drowned and was delivered again

Into a world you had made

To glorify God and his Beloved.

It was indeed accomplished.

A praising, multilingual simulacrum

Of those Signs all around

You embodied the wind

And the water in sound.


God is the answer to every riddle

Every rune, chord and cipher.

Even past ages of dead languages

Must their secrets surrender:

Like the name of the newborn, Musa (a.s.)**


Every atom of good

Goes before us but is shamefully small.

Like a drop of honey or a speck of gold.

God is the heat and the pressure

That purifies the precious metal

Sending by such trial as He must

That which makes diamonds from dust.


Thank you,

For persevering in your talent

Which is a life’s endeavour.

God acknowledges the effort

Made, a struggle so dear.

We, blindly love only

The music we hear:


The gentle painting

Of a scene,

The yearning for justice

Inside of every one of us.

The reminder to remember

We have but a small measure

To promote goodness

Through the increments

Of our own influence.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 09/06/2017.)

KEY – *Thank you Sami, ** Prophet Moses upon him be peace.


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