Post-Ramadan Resolutions

Hello Escritori,

After the beautiful, spiritual cocoon that is Ramadan, the next challenge that comes as a result of its discipline, is how to live out the rest of your year: to retain “that Ramadan feeling.”

These are my own personal resolutions: and these are deeply personal, but I’m sharing them since oaths are made by declaring personal promises in public spaces:

1) Continue getting up for Fajr. You did quite well!

2) Do not give in to the cancer of “But-What-Will-People-Say -Itis” even if the contagion of it comes from others.

3) Do not become the embodiment of behaviour you dislike or hate – and tell yourself you’re somehow different “because I’m me, though.” Be the best version of you and nothing else or less.

4) Try to volunteer more. Demanding stuff from the universe doesn’t seem to be working. So stop asking and GIVE.

5) Say YES and be open to things. Open to failure, open to joy. Open to the idea that things MIGHT GO RIGHT,

6) Embrace your femininity and stop apologising for it, stop hating on it. It is so tiring being tough. I like hugs too much.

7) Keep reading Qur’an, understanding it is such a joy. A limitless gift of guidance.

8) Work out and know that you’re your own apt reason to make an effort. Try to fall in love with life… it’s sad on the edges and you’re allowed more space.

9) Cry less. Find peace without tears.

10) You are beautiful, you are beautiful you are beautiful. Knowing the calibre of the one who deserves you is not weak: where inner beauty is concerned.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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