Eid and D.I.Ys

Hello Escritori,

Eid Mubarak!

As I write it may well be that Eid happened on Sunday but let’s stretch it out a bit, because I’m a stickler for scheduling. It’s good to be back! In honour of Eid being a happy occasion it should be filled with good things, non? Here’s a beautiful nasheed that just took me away to a calmer place – based on a Moroccan original.

How transcendental is this, masha’Allah?  I used to not rate Sami Yusuf that highly but think he has really come into his element, maybe with a change of label – but his work is beautiful.


So to bring you back to worldly things (I’m sad to, believe me!) during an adventure in tidying under the bed I managed to find my jeweller’s pliers which had been lost for ages. I decided to use them in an earring project with Swarovski crystals, crystal rondelles and a decorative finding. I was actually halfway through making these when I lost the pliers so I was glad to finish the job.

I also threaded a turquoise enamel bead bracelet with bead caps and complementary crystal rondelles. The piece turned out summery and light.

This next D.I.Y was equally for comfort  and aesthetics. I have these patent shoes which are cut out, heeled brogues. Unfortunately I don’t wear them much because their original waxed laces are tight and bite into my feet. The brand label had also peeled off.

I grabbed a  2m organza ribbon, cut it in  half at a slant and re-threaded it as a lace. It’s wider, has more give and is comfortable. For extra comfort, try a satin ribbon. I used some fun cotton tape to cover over the patch left by the label on each side – et voila!

Another quick, “foundation level” D.I.Y was making cute stack-able storage out of beauty cream jars. This of course involved washi tape to give both uniformity and to cover over any branding that couldn’t be peeled off.

In the event that these two jars may be pressed into mendhi thaal service; I will probably cover over the washi tape with colourful pom-pom braid. For now however, they look a handsome pair and the polka dot tape looks vaguely vintage.

Keep celebrating and scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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