Poetry (94)



Oh you who do whatever you can

Practice your talents

With the goal of ehsaan.*

Then you will have fulfilled

The promise residing

In the heart of Man.


God does not burden a creation

With anything other than


Apply yourself to the practical

Service of insaan.**


From the joy of your endeavour

Comes a means of glorification

By which the signifier

Reaches God

Although what is signified

Is far-exceeding greater.


Compete to do good deeds

And link all actions

With a beauteous remembrance:


Say, “Hasbi Rabbi” ***

With humble perseverance

And you shall have no cause to grieve.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 06/06/2017.)

KEY – * a state of excellence, ** humanity, *** “My Master, (Sustainer, Cherisher etc) is sufficient for me.”


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