Poetry (93)

Hello Escritori,

This was written on a day when I was not feeling very poetic. I bumped this down because of a better poem that came to me. REMINDER that I will be very rarely on the blog during Ramadan and may not be likely to respond to any comments posted. Thank you for your patience.




When all the forks of life

Seem to be divisive

It’s harder than ever

To be decisive.


To ask for exactly

What you need:



Some reprieve

Or failing that…

A place to weep.


However brutal

The etiquette is at

The end of something;

(The niceties which

Manners dictate)

A Praying Mantis

Still needs a mate.


Mate and meal

In one date

Head bowed

In alien grace.

Aren’t we all just

Complex insects

Engaged in a debate

About the culturally



And the nature of the beauty

In each others’ otherness?


After all,

Speaking honestly,

The balance of humanity

Turns like a prayer wheel.

Tipping on the edge

Of oblivion endlessly.

Though we were all once green

And again shall be.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 16/05/2017.)


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