Poetry (92)

Hello Escritori,

Here’s something a little wry and sinister for this week. Another life disclaimer, I have never done this. Why do think I write, People? Because I am basically used to doing nothing and yet making that nothing into fascinating nugget shaped anecdotes.

REMINDER that I will be very rarely on the blog during Ramadan and may not be likely to respond to any comments posted. Thank you for your patience.



Speed Dating

There’s a little bit of orphic

And organic magic

Tonight as the general traffic

Of human souls

Those devoid of self love

Are themselves


And blinded

Way before the entrance

Of that Petrarchan archer –



The poison of such hatred

Covered over with a painted face

Or a vibrant tie

Can be breathed in gently

Like icing sugar arsenic.


We were all supposed to have left


Our demons in the attic.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 23/05/2017.)




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