Poetry (91)

Hello Escritori,

I am slowly becoming a “baby person”. This seems to be a slower process that being a “cat person” or a “dog person”, and I am ready for women who are mothers to be up in arms about this poem for being overly romantic and inauthentic because I have not had a child: but I wrote it anyway.

REMINDER that I will be very rarely on the blog during Ramadan and may not be likely to respond to any comments posted. Thank you for your patience.


Pax Materna

It is as simple as this:

We have decided to take half my heart

And half of yours

Whether one is akin to a bird in a cage

And the other a sparking flint

Or a luscious pomegranate

We have decided to fuse it

By some alchemy

In another body,



Our heart, now a strange

Submarine wing-beat,

A pulse.

Inside me, with little feet.


Although now it has feet

And a heart, it can just as easily

Run away, as soon as it has learned how.

Independent flight

Is indeed the right

Of this bizarre

Temporarily amphibious creature.


But for now I must

Lull it on waves of

Debussy’s water-music

Ensuring that nothing

Will ever distress

The solemnity

of its breathing rest.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 23/05/2017.)


2 thoughts on “Poetry (91)

  1. I can’t call myself a mother or a “baby person” but I thought your poem was beautiful all the same! There is a certain romance to creating a new life that I think you’ve captured perfectly. Ramadan Mubarak!


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