Poetry (90)

The Visitor

When we each open up our Qur’ans,

We see each line of script like rich black soil

In green furrows,

And we prepare for the green shoots of guidance.


Hikmaa* flows to those

Who seek it, like water from the ground.

Are you not thirsty humanity?

Try to tend lovingly

To the flowers of your imaan.**


Many doors in Paradise are opened and it is beautified each day.

Repentance is abundant and the shayateen*** are chained.


Ramadan, our month of revelation,

Of the scripture: surpassing wealth.

You are the visitor whom (in our own homes)

Shows us our best self:


So that when we are called, into our hearts to delve,

To examine and renew our spiritual health –

May we find good deeds and words

And ease as the fruit of repentance.

Further to this and as a reward for diligence

May we gain assurance of Jannah****

And its beautiful fragrance.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 27/05/2017.)

KEY: * wisdom, ** someone’s personal level of faith/God-consciousness, *** the lesser devils, **** Heaven.


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