Shindigs in Pink!

Hello Escritori,

We are practically on the cusp of Ramadan, insha’Allah… As I did, (I think last year?) I will only be scheduling up poetry ahead of time for you to enjoy every Sunday of the holy month while I’m away.

I have come to the very difficult and saddening decision (which is actually permitted and a mercy upon people like me) not to fast this Ramadan. Regulars who are more eagle-eyed for mentions of bipolar – which was the original purpose of this blog – will know that long periods of dehydration are extremely bad for bipolar sufferers because it can provoke Mania. As Mum said: “It’s not even about trying now, it’s about learning the lesson from experience that it doesn’t work for you, and that’s okay.”

I’m so grateful that God is Merciful.

We fast for all the sun-up hours without drinking water. I feel sad only because it’s a communal experience where everyone is trying to be their best self, connected to God. People who are chronically ill are exempt but must make financial reparation instead.

Due to the imminent approach of Ramadan everyone is letting everyone else know (by trumpet) about the onset of Wedding Season directly after itThis is because, Ramadan has been falling (due to lunar cycles) in summer. I assume, summer remains popular for people who want nice weather for their photographs.

We were invited to a colourful pre-wedding ladies shindig on Saturday. We have had nothing but rain for most of this week, interspersed by sun and I have had to play ye olde English game, Laundry Hokey Cokey. You put it out, you run like a loon to get it in, you put it out… etc.

The forecast for Saturday was thunderstorms and lightning. No polite:  *Ahem* “And now the weather. Saturday will see some expected thunderstorms and lightning” but an angry little cloud was all we got for our pains. Luckily though, the weather held and only got very cold and breezy towards the evening.

It felt a bit like Carnivale before Lent but it was very much a family affair so I didn’t bother with having a shimmy. There were no set dances and I was very good and didn’t have dessert. YAY.

I’ll be working hard on my poetry in the meantime for you. Expected end of Ramadan is 30th of June. I’ll put an extra notice on each one to say I’m sorry I can’t respond to comments!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~




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