Poetry (88)

Hello Escritori,

Despite the sad subject matter, I found that I particularly liked this one.

I hope you find something in it too. I keep feeling in a twitchy way that I should have cut the last three lines in case I’ve somehow over-egged the pudding. Somebody tell me what they think please – technical critique is welcome.



Ask me:


My darling,

Is being in black synonymous

With both Grief and Affluence?”


It is because

Our value

(And essential richness)

Is in the sum total

Of the things we have lost.


Every un-kissed mouth,

Every unsaid word,

Every breath,

(Both taken and not.)


Eyes that with tears

Are apt to swell

Have in them just as much capital

As  you find by the coin

In a wishing well.

Those; are the plunder

In the grain of a character

That in the emotion of a moment

The tenderest tender

Speaks of:

With the eloquence

Of silence

And salt.


(© Copyright Pola Negri 05/05/2017.)


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