Chocolate and Contemplation

Hello Escritori,

I always want to write longer punning titles but my word-counts, (500 words usually) conceived to be a pleasant computer screen read, always look humongous and messed up in their formatting when you’re scrolling on a phone. Apologies.

Today’s post is about The Loneliness of the Urban Office Worker.

Now, just to reassure you, I’m rather more contemplative than miserable or experiencing any lows of any sort… It’s just an observation I’ve made of modern life.

It is very difficult after the saturation of University to meet people who are friendly, clever, attractive or just nice, with the wherewithal to initiate friendships. I’m by no means a wallflower in any situation but the pace and challenges of work often leave people too depleted to connect – either in work or outside of it.

Am I just asking too much and looking in the wrong place here? And why is it that circumstances always separate you from the people you really do click with? 

I think this phenomenon of non-connection is unfortunate, though I’m hoping it won’t lead to desperate sadness. My view for the moment is to take it in my stride, as just another colour in the palette of modern life: in all its personally curated seclusion. It’s precisely due to having no one to chat to that I preferred to speed-drink an over-watered but very chocolatey hot chocolate (not the one pictured here) in my last fifteen minute break of the day, alone, rather than try to reach for something else.

I seem to be perpetually in the wrong place. Currently I’m stuck between an enterprising kid who swears too much and a matronly woman whose idea of a good time is a drink. Trying to find connections outside of work is proving just as fruitless sadly… In the words of the suave José de Silva Perreira from the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

José – What can one do?

I’m hoping this is only a minor frustration after which I’ll  realise that we’re not all at work to be happy-clappy and make friends – although God knows where you ARE supposed to go. Incidentally, bloggers are amazing humans. 

I think the entire enterprise is just a bigger deal to me because of all the things I’ve had to analyse and overcome to just to get here. I suspect I need a thicker skin and more hobbies outside the house with like-minded people. I just hope there’s someone friendly a bit closer to home.

But don’t worry, the mean reds haven’t got me yet.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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