A Timely Disclosure

Hello Escritori,

I’m very pleased to say that my health is in good form at the moment alhumdulillah. I do my floor workouts and go for walks at lunch and also much longer walks at the weekend and find myself generally balanced and content which is a wonderful relief in bipolar terms. I know health posts are usually on a Tuesday, sorry!

In this role I’ve found myself much more consciously applying the lessons I’ve learnt in other jobs (and blog posts) about a lot of work related issues and finding myself to be a far better independent advocate for my own good health.

I am in fact writing this on Sunday night before my first full week, so I can only pray I’m not jinxing myself… but I’ve discovered that it is possible, (and quite nice actually) to be trusted and liked on a professional level. This means that I’m not terrified by the constant mental hurdle of “having something to prove” just because of my mental health condition.

I can’t really express how liberating just doing my job is.

In fact, as regards my highly independent and improper walking habit – if I wasn’t already a semi-aspirant Austen heroine (I did the quiz, I’m Elinor Dashwood) – then I would most certainly qualify as one. Although everyone wants to be a Bennet.

In vain I have struggled. It will not do. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I want to work for you… And that I have bipolar disorder.

Once again, as per British law I didn’t disclose bipolar at interview, but did inform HR and also in the recruitment paperwork which was gone through at the start of the interview.

I was asked if I had a disability. I said yes, but didn’t clarify further. Instead of pushing the point, the interviewers very kindly asked if there was anything I required to help make this interview more accessible and I said that providing me with water (hydration is so important with bipolar) was excellent and all that was required. Later at Training, my Trainers were excellent. We very organically happened to bring up the subject of mental health and disorders apropos of nothing, and then I felt incredibly safe to make a disclosure among sympathetic people.

I’ve yet to see how this company’s compassion bears out in all honesty, but I fully intend to give it my best shot. I really appreciate all their efforts – which – wonderfully – seem to be so culturally normal for them that it makes me wish more people acted the same way.

It was a massive relief. Unfortunately most of the time you just have to attempt interview and if you get further to see whether companies are only giving their Equal Opportunities policy lip-service or if they really live by it. One way of  predisposing yourself to succeed is to especially search for, (and apply to) companies who have won awards in this category.

I’ll be busy writing company emails so…

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


4 thoughts on “A Timely Disclosure

    1. Thanks for dropping by! That’s totally your decision, it has been a long road for me to develop the ‘spidey sense’ of when that is okay to do – not just professionally either – but I’ve been incredibly lucky not to suffer as much. I hate to say that because it would seem smug to a Past Me, like “I also have a pet unicorn and a harem of male lovers” – but it’s possible. Disclosure. Not unicorns. Thanks!

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