A Working Lunch

Hello Escritori,

Well dear lovely-chops, we are faced with a rather pleasant dilemma (as much of an oxymoron as that is) for I have got myself a job – for at least a few months.

This current life outcome makes me very happy as I am a sociable human bean, although it does somewhat jeopardise the content creation for this blog. I will do as I mostly do, and write a week’s worth of content at some point of the weekend and schedule it. However, regulars will know that content for Poetry Sundays takes the longest amount of thinking time. I am quite blessed to have an hour long lunch in rather nice green surroundings so henceforth I will attempt to commune with the Muse at noon.

She’s a diva. Just sayin’.

So, this post is just a “YAY ME!” post really, mingled with a promise to not drop the ball.

I have to confess saying that leads me to wonder which ball was the original ball and in what particular situation. I would be attempted to assume that there is a Greek in that particular idiomatic horse somewhere.

Answers on a postcard or in the comments section would be very much appreciated. If you have even an inkling, do say hello. The Escritorium looks very kindly on things like inklings and all things writerly and wordy. We’re particularly fond of blots and splodges.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


5 thoughts on “A Working Lunch

  1. Big congrats, Pola! That’s amazing – well done you. Is it writing / office based? Whatever it is, it’s great news. I’m taking on more work myself as from next week, so blogging duties will be seriously curtailed. Ah, well, we have to got forth and earn cash. Good luck with it all


    1. Thank you lovely Lynn, it’s just a standard office job writing emails and getting stuff done with maximum politeness and efficiency, haha. Indeed, jobs to pay the rent. Dreams to eat like bread.

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      1. Nothing wrong with an office job – fantastic stuff. Hope it goes brilliantly. After netting the first job – even if only a temp one – others will come more easily. Well done x

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