La vie en Rose

Hello Escritori,

What with Summer now officially here, and actually EVIDENT in England, not just in Retail cycles… I have to say I’m very uncharacteristically drawn to pink tones at the moment. In fact, at the height of summer I usually crave blue tones – I love cobalt but I’m still unsure whether it does anything for me – but since my birthday, I’m living la vie en rose.

Here are some facts about pink:

The Oracle of Google says: If your favourite colour is pink it may mean you are a soft, gentle, innocent person though you have a tendency to flirt and play around. You are sweet and loving. You radiate warmth and are friendly but tend to keep any inner emotions hidden from others.

Pink connoted girls in Ancient China.

Pink is considered a psychologically soothing colour, and also makes people think of a sweet taste, hence why it’s the chosen colour of Calpol/Tylenol. (Or at least was when I was small, I think it’s now orange? Yuck.)

Pink was originally the colour that connoted males in period of the French Revolution and onwards because red was the colour of military uniforms. The older uniforms got, the more the ¬†intensity of the pigment in the natural dye faded and so it was considered an aspiration to dress little boys in pink: because it was related in tone to the red of a soldier’s coat.

The tone recognised as Barbie Pink is a trademarked colour as well as a trademarked brand name.

Pink connotes unconditional love and nurturing. Universal love of oneself and others.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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