Sunday at the Beach

Hello Escritori,

I went out with the familial contingent to the seaside on Sunday, we had a bracing walk in the late afternoon after an amazing lunch.

Regular readers will think I only ever eat burgers at hipster gastro-pubs. I don’t… I’m not generally a burger fan as it happens, but here follows a picture of the most delicious halloumi, mushroom, pepper and aubergine burger ever. Probably.

In fact, I think you should all deeply appreciate the fact that I restrained myself enough to take a picture of it for you. This seems to be the year of hipster gourmet gastronomy for me.

All that aside, heading for the beach was all about FINALLY appreciating the good weather and longer light hours and soaking up the experience for a while without rushing to preserve it in words. As a writer, memories are so bound up in words: words that create visuals, that photos normally don’t get a real look in even in this current time. Actually using your memory in a sensory way – having an experience deliberately off the page without the filtering and analysing instinct kicking in: was really refreshing.

Of course, I realise I’m writing about it now, but only in as much as the facts, not the feelings. It was also really good to just do family stuff away from life’s various treadmills.

A very welcome break.

Doesn’t that plane trail look beautiful? Like chalk on the blue board of the sky.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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