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Hello Escritori,

I requested a cute digital radio for my birthday this year. I’m an avid radio listener, mostly in the kitchen or while writing blog posts for you lovely people.

It just so happened that I read an article yesterday about how traffic noise affects sleep, metabolic rate and cortisol levels. Very often I will play calming music just to keep my mood on an even keel in general but this is the first I’ve heard of that sort of thing actively having a chemical level effect.

I certainly know that from a bipolar perspective, having some control over the stimulus in your environment makes life much easier to deal with. Cortisol the stress hormone is also one of the avowed enemy of bipolar.

The digital radio took a little bit of playing with it to work it out, but it’s great, no crackles and able to get to stations really quickly, excited to access some good comedy on tap as well. I’m currently typing to the sounds of Awesome Radio – whose demographic is British Muslims and it’s a national station based in London.

This is… awesome! Masha’Allah. I completely stumbled on it and it’s a real pleasure to have that same feeling  of discovery as when you’re a little kid flicking through that dial.

It’s a commercial station, but it plays some quite affecting nasheeds (devotional music) and  pretty fierce positive rap and they also do azaan notifications so you know when to pray.

In addition to prayer and Qur’an reading, it feels like a pretty good part of a pre-Ramadan preparation package. Ramadan and Muharram are the two holiest months in the Islamic calendar in which no one gets married because it’s incumbent on them to focus that time on their relationship with God and remember His Prophet. (pbuh).

Hence why Wedding Season tends to follow it.

To close on the subject of Awesome Radio though, I really appreciate that it’s actually designed to be relevant in its references to the Muslim community. I’ve always seen radio as part of cultural identity but very much a community thing – so it’s just great.

Pola recommends!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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