Poetry (82)

Hello Escritori,

This week’s poem features a dash of Greekery! I decided to ascribe this poem to a nereid, or sea nymph. The nymph part means I can be a bit racy… 😉



Sometimes it’s difficult to


There’s a knife edge

Between self hatred

And seduction.


It’s simply a spell

Most people say

Made to mesmerise

The Nereid in the mirror.


Peer into the whirlpool

Love-struck enough to dredge

Her out and make your pledge…

Those three words are often said

It’s not the words

But the source of them

On your lips

That determines

What is meant.


But truth be told

It’s just a habit

She falls in love with whoever

Breathes longest underwater

Because they are there.

Assisting her in their alien-ness

To resist life’s many tempests

But maybe not the candidate

For loving that’s best

Or the one that loves longest.


Still it proves

Her heart can do it

And isn’t cold by instinct.



Do you know

What thirst is?


She takes some strength to resist.

It’s best to warn you now

There’s both salt and heat

In her kiss.


(© Copyright Pola Negri 27/03/2017.)




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