Open Candy Bar!

Hello Escritori,

This will be the last mention of my party now. It seems a sweet way to bid it farewell.

I first encountered the idea of a “Candy Bar” at an undersea themed baby shower, thrown by an overzealous Texan mother who didn’t understand:

a) The British propensity for understatement – some of us still have this reserve, especially regarding anything to do with having expelled a child from out of your pudenda.

b) My personal, extreme distaste for the word ‘candy’ despite having American friends.

However, these cultural faux pas can be overcome by admitting the simple fact that HUMANS LIKE SWEET STUFF. If it’s free, so much the better.

I have experienced Candy Bars at birthday parties and weddings; so after a bit of additional research I decided to have a go using some select Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe style sweets, beloved of the Woolworths pick n mix counter.


The end budget was just under £10 for the Bar stock – variety is key. I broke it into groups: small solid chocolate or chocolate with some texture in it, wrapped hard candy – toffees, butter candy and humbugs, multi-pack mini lollipops, sherbet saucers – mainly for the pink, yellow and white colour, and strawberry laces – both plain and sour. Nostalgic and slightly pink toned.

If organising your sweets to your colour theme gets too difficult, use crockery in those colours to visually tie elements together. If you know you’ll be relatively safe from calamity – children – using a variety of glassware makes the confectionery look especially appealing!

My humbug striped paper bags (a mainstay of this blog) were provided for guests to stash their humbugs and all else in! If you can’t source or make paper bags, it’s quite fun to use the small popcorn buckets you can buy in £/$ stores.

I used “goldfish” dessert bowls for everything. Remember to provide spoons – soup spoons or plastic spoons work well – as hygienic scoops for the unwrapped confectionery. Some bigger wrapped and unwrapped candy might work better in wider bowls.

The spaghetti tangle of the strawberry laces was displayed trailing down around the outside edge of a milkshake glass so that they could be picked off.

Mini lollipops were displayed in an empty travel size body lotion bottle with a cuboid shape and a camera film cannister. To smarten both up and hide the original branding (couldn’t be bothered to peel it off) I used a selection of washi tapes.

This is an easy way to create a seeming abundance of treats. In Summer, you can use the candy as ice-cream toppings with syrups, in Winter, gently melt chocolate onto popcorn for a super-sweet sleepover or movie night.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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