Party On Pola!

Hello Escritori,

It’s Mothering Sunday  and I’m writing this in a quiet moment on the first really beautiful day I’ve truly let myself enjoy: by going outside. I’m back on my walks, and keeping much more hydrated. Feeling positive, and this has some continuity about it I’m glad to say.

I had my birthday party at the weekend for logistical reasons, but by the time this is posted it will indeed be my birthday! It was a lovely day but I was slightly scatterbrained. Thankfully my friends were rapid in their generosity to turn my faults into virtues!

I will be writing specifically about my Candy Bar on Thursday for anybody who is interested. I have a ton of stuff left and am periodically enjoying a cheeky strawberry lace or two as I write.

Given the short time frame I only had a few party games which went down very well, a handmade version of Taboo, and a treasure hunt. It was lovely to see my friends, I was so grateful they took the time – not to mention the fact it was hilarious watching them solve the treasure hunt. Ever so close, but not close enough… and then, suddenly!

 Anyway I had a lovely time and will be saving my presents for the real day, so I look forward to it! I started writing a short story, am aiming to finish it. I’m getting my solar second wind I hope.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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