Pop Over!

Hello Escritori,


As I was editing a post all about the Candy Bar for the party, (aren’t you loving mini lollipop bouquets in washi tape decorated containers?) I realised crucially that I wouldn’t be able to get you all any pictures of it until next week because of the ‘one week in arrears’ nature of my blog schedule.


Therefore this post is a very short placeholder and a recommendation. During my various perusals of the internet I happened upon a brilliant site, which has a party shop and also D.I.Y. tutorials for those that have the extra time.

Check out www.ohhappyday.com for a little bit of sophisticated whimsy

It was an inspiration and a joy to see as these ladies are very inventive and they have a fun-filled spirit that is definitely after my own heart. Very Pinteresting…. watch this space for an Open Candy Bar!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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