Poetry (80)



When finding your way

In darkness,

It is best to stand

With arms outstretched and ready

To encounter any offending obstacle or texture:

So that you are able to decide

Whether you should attack

Embrace it, or run and hide.


If in great difficulty

I suppose,

As a last resort

You might trust your nose…


But the saddest thing

About finding your way

Is bearing all your plights

And finding that

Some people

Through lack of insight

Are merely lanterns

Either without

Or awaiting



Which of us

Helps the other to ignite,

When God need say

Only “Be”

And it is right?

Or are we

To be left

Devoid of tenderness


In the dark

About it?


*Islamic term for “the light/radiance of God” also a unisex name.

(© Copyright Pola Negri 13/03/2017.)



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