Me, My Selfie Frame and I

Hello Escritori,

I’m quite proud to say that as we now enter the week before the party, nearly everything has been done to set it up in terms of decorations and supplies.

I haven’t shown many D.I.Ys related to my Pink, Gold, Black and White Party because I’ve been busy collecting images linked to it for you, but as my friend said on Sunday at lunch:

“You could start a business doing this kind of thing…” and “you better put all of this on the blog!” Way ahead of you sister.

The two current party items beguiling people from the Land of Pinterest are photo backdrops and a Candy Bar.

On the subject of selfie backdrops I was quite lucky that there was a lot of cardboard floating around at the time, so I intended to make a backdrop for the wall. This didn’t work out practically in terms of the size and “stick-ability” – so I changed plans to create a selfie frame instead. This project took four hours to decorate and maybe under two to construct? Definitely a weekend afternoon D.I.Y. due to the cutting and painting.

Here are a couple of tips you should know before you start.

You will need approximately four pieces of cardboard if the size of the pieces are too small. It is best to use cardboard of the same thickness so that you don’t create lopsided halves from uneven weight. Two sheets need to be wide rectangles, the other two, longer, narrower rectangles to reinforce the sides.

To create the scalloped edge, pile both big sheets up together and use a small saucer to trace some semi-circle curves and the results should be symmetrical. I would have done exactly the same on the bottom edge but it was tiring work chomping through it all.

I also reasoned that the frame works best quite chunky as flimsy detail to a laser-cut degree would break easily and crumple. You will need strong scissors to cut cardboard-box card – I would not recommend using corrugated card unless you have a craft knife and a lot of skill.

You will need masking tape (for construction) and double sided tape (for decoration and reinforcing.)

Remember that even if your cardboard is of equal size rectangles, you will need to have a margin of overlap to secure the pieces before you cut out the middle of the frame.

I painted the frame in two coats of leftover white matte emulsion paint.

When that was dry I used double sided tape to stick large pieces of sequined chiffon fabric (leftover sizeable scraps) to the frame.

Lastly I used the narrower pieces of cardboard to reinforce the sides of the frame.

Applying this extra card hid all the construction details, masking tape and paint smears on the sides. It gave the frame a neater finish and will also be cleaner for guests to handle if they decide they want to go portable with it. Probably in a conga line. Crazy times.

Voila. Get ready for your close up.

~ Pola ~


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