Shoe Skit

Hello Escritori,

I have done most of the preparation for my party now. The last hurdle is sorting out the cooking, which will happen much nearer the time I’m sure; and not be particularly complex. Unfortunately I’ve had a few very unexpected migraine-type symptoms a few times which thankfully pass quickly. On balance though everything is fine.

To be slightly more lighthearted now that I’ve achieved the party goal, I chanced on these shoes yesterday and they spoke to me. You know, how inanimate objects always seem to speak to me?

Well. It’s Spring, and who am I to stand in the way of shoes in love?

BROGUES: I didn’t think she’d fancy me you know…

SLINGBACKS: Why not darling?

BROGUES: Because I was common. And Irish.

SLINGBACKS: Oh don’t be ridiculous, I love your accent, and you’re always pristine.

BROGUES: Aww, thanks.

SLINGBACKS: Tell about the proposal… people always like that story.

BROGUES: Ach well, you see, I was so nervous, here’s a picture we took on a dance floor… I was so nervous I forgot to go down on one shoe.

SLINGBACKS: Everyone always says we’re quite an unconventional pair.

BROGUES: Right enough, but we fit don’t we eh?


BROGUES: She just shone. It’s the patent leather, it does that for a shoe. So I asked her… would ye, mebbe, like to dance with me?

SLINGBACKS: I said, don’t be daft, who else am I going to dance with?

BROGUES: And so I said, would you like to dance with me…. forever?  Then I asked her to marry me. AND SHE SAID YES!

SLINGBACKS: And look how happy he is! Every time I think about it, it makes me blush.

(© Copyright Pola Negri 13/03/2017.)


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