Painting a Picture

Hello Escritori,

Things are being happily shaken up in the champagne bottle of Pola’s life.

Or should that be pink lemonade? I think so!

I’ve had a flurry of job interviews and calls from recruiters lately. This is welcome as something for focus on after a spot of an iffy stomach. I’m also inching towards plans for the Magic Solar Return 28/28 Birthday Marvel. 

Okay I’m over-selling it.

The invitations are almost done, some of the decorations are done, I haven’t got he Candy Bar confectionery yet but that will probably be accomplished this week. The Selfie Wall may or may not happen, and I’m considering a Treasure Hunt for a giggle given that it’s Easter and also I am a Sherlock fan. My childhood had treasure hunts aplenty and there was nothing better than solving the clues.


I’m pretty confident in my overall health now as regards professional endeavours. The worst of it thankfully feels like ancient history.

Sometimes, believing that you can, especially if you have the talent and qualifications to do something, may just be enough. The rest is concentrated in as much self care as possible.

Now, it’s more a case of self-advocating for the right kind of professional environment that complements both my strengths and my limitations. Out of the two roles, one was a writing role, the other administrative. I have also been chasing a film writing role but had a minor crisis of confidence because I’m a bit out of practice

And actually, thanks to my friend saying “You won’t get better at it unless you do more of it” I realised that yes, that’s true. You can achieve so much more by being your own best friend that by being your own worst enemy, whatever your unique challenge is.

So that’s what up with me, professional developments and party plans in a few weekends!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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