Bereavements and Birthdays

Hello Escritori,

I didn’t really know if I should write anything at all but we’ve had another bereavement in the family… Let’s just say, even if it’s arbitrary, I’m glad March has started because it gives this year another chance not to be so challenging. We’ve had deaths in our family since Christmas Eve.

I’m not even happy that my birthday will be this month insha’Allah… not for the usual “Ermehgerd, I’m ageing… *cries*” just more like, “Yes God, I am very grateful but I’m also too exhausted by sadness to try and be happy about something that feels like it just doesn’t matter.


I’ve been learning how to ice cupcakes for this year’s effort, I’ve actually bothered to trial that and practice. I have ideas/theme colours and made some decorations but I don’t know if I can generate the energy to be happy about it. Some of you will doubtless say:

“It’s all about the company/your friends job to make you happy.”

To which my reply is: Yes, but I’M ASIAN and we are ALL Host-zillas because we love our friends.

I picked up a flyer at the library for a cash prize sonnet-writing competition so I might let you all in on the progress of that when I get round to it. I have some inspiration filed away and percolating in my cerebral coffee pot to put towards that.


That’s all that’s on the life list at the moment. It seems somewhat facile to talk about the mass chocolate buying I’m going to do on Friday. There’s unfortunately nothing else to talk about. In case I get my act together to have my party, I have to stock the Candy Bar. This should be fine as Easter is rolling around in all its foil fresh confectionery beauty which is useful in terms of incorporating my theme colours: gold, hot pink, white and black.

The funeral was on the 28th Feb, so I obviously haven’t got my head together for Poetry Sunday. This is barely a proper post, but I’m just asking for your indulgence until next week when I’m sure insha’Allah things will be back to normal.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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