Poetry (78)

Hello Escritori,

Thanks to Mr Wolf, who helped me out with a theme for this week because my brain was tired.

I mean, technically, you said “wrecks” but meh, I dig puns. I tried to include as many types of wreck as I could and stole shamelessly from Greek mythology and Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.

To be fair I did write a poem about Ariadne once, and for continuity I should have mentioned Medea (hint hint, Wolf) but Andromeda seemed apt. Clever peeps.



I was always a city girl.

I never learned like you

To navigate by stars in the dark.

Like all those aboard the Argos.


I… I can’t swim,

I thought that a beach comber

Was what people called the dawn tide

Smoothing the shore.

Or a mermaid’s hairdresser.


But you asked me aboard the boat

Although it was kind of a dive…

And I’d do anything

If I thought I’d have a ball and

If I believed it was worth it.


I am often nervous though.

I simply followed Shakespeare’s star.

And drift… I would.

I was a wandering bark

And everyone must,

At least once,

Wreck themselves on the edge of doom.


The water covers everything over

In time all is erased

By the moon.

When one remains alone

You gain pearls of wisdom

Andromeda should have known.


Here be monsters

And in the deep of her mind,

The memories and the monsters roam.

Amongst the pearls, upon the rocks

Her post-sacrifice deliverance

Will be all her own.


Standing in rusting chains

Amongst pieces of

Coral, coeur and bone:

There is no Perseus

I am no mere prize.

There was no us.


It was only just

That it felt like flying

And was utterly freeing

However momentary

To be so reckless.


But now I have to reach for something within.

And by so doing,

Like an escapologist

I must learn to swim,

(Bound as I am)

For the shore…

Until the pearls plait in my hair

And those chains

Exist no more.


(© Copyright Pola Negri 18/02/2017)











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