A Lovely Duckling

Hello Escritori,

As I mentioned recently I bought some candy stripe paper gift bags and two red ones with a craft paper textured stripe. I bought them because I liked them but we also have imminent births and weddings on the horizon so it’s additionally practical.

On the baby theme though, I decided to break a cardinal rule of putting red and blue together. It seems more neutral and expensive looking than baby pink and blue. I think it’s personally silly to have this insistence but I don’t want to offend anyone.


I found a great duckling shape template, printed it and drew in the eye and then covered it in white and blue lace effect washi tape. To get over rules about depiction in art, I might have to cover up the eye…

This tape has been so useful over the time I’ve had it. It’s wider than your average so it covers more area in less time. I added a cheerful gold foil beak and had a cute character to add to the plain gift bag.

For continuity I also made a gold foil tag from a piece of card which I will probably attach nearer the time with some jute string.


I had better check those rules actually in case I’ve overstepped the mark. If you are gifting to Muslim friends who are expecting, stick to flowers, dots,  plain shapes such as hearts or lines/check patterns for  cards, bags and especially for clothing.

We can’t pray in clothes depicting people or animals or anywhere where there are photographs in the same categories on the wall. This made me sad when the geek chic fad of “owls on everything” occurred.

Silhouettes or outlines are safer to gift because they are closer to shapes rather than a lifelike picture. Although don’t quote me yet.

I just really liked this lovely duckling!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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