Big Business and Tiny Bunting

Hello Escritori,

In pursuit of work, I had a phone interview yesterday that was beset with telephonic trouble but still managed to go ahead, thank goodness which proves just how valuable landlines are.

Other than that and a sort of morose observation on the undulating quality of the weather – at once blue skied and sunny and then overcast and dull –  I’m afraid I have very little to offer you today. I did have a small bout of stress crafting and end up making tiny bunting out of washi tape the night before but that’s almost not even worth mentioning.


In fact the only point worth mentioning is don’t make it using jute string because mine turned out a bit too twisted, and it had a lot of fibre that got stuck to the tape. Normal string is fine.

Some of my bunting flags are pointing UP not down because of the curve maybe? The flag sizing is by eye too. 

I’m not sure if ironing the string out of its curve on the spool might have done the trick but honestly: why doesn’t it look as nice as the ones on Pinterest? I mean, granted, it’s not colourful because I don’t have that much variety of tape left but even so. I might jazz it up with sequins? Although maybe I should relax. It is only intended to be part of the quirky wrapping for a particular present.


I perform this diatribe of tiny bunting woe, comforted by the full knowledge that I have a very nice ‘make’ ready for you all on Thursday of which this is only an element… that doesn’t need to be gifted until May.

Ah. There IS a secret. Line up your string horizontally at the top of a long strip of card that is a uniform width. This makes the length of the eventual flags somewhat similar when you loop each of your tapes over to make the flags. You live and learn eh? I suppose I can still save it for something.

I promised myself I’d do another tea-box D.I.Y. to celebrate.

I clearly need to start a gifting/party business or something. *dies*

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~




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