Six Alternative Uses For…

Hello Escritori,

As I once posited that I ought to write this, here is a novelty post really, about the alternative uses I have for my flat-iron. These have nothing at all to do with hair, because… that would be… unimaginative wouldn’t it?


Let your hair down and try these out instead:

  1. A clamp – for anything that needs holding in place temporarily or until it’s bonded.
  2. A replacement glue gun – to heat seal glued pieces of paper/foil/card to other pieces effectively.
  3. A precision iron – to smooth out a collar or facing on a top while you’re wearing it, because you’ve noticed that it is creased. The same use can apply to ironing multiple layers of tissue paper. Just be wary of the heat setting.
  4. A drying tool – to dry out wet book pages one by one, instead of on a radiator, which risks clumping together. You would not do this, as it would further incur the wrath of the book gods.
  5. A paper curler for present wrapping – Never tried this one but I assume it can be done.
  6. A smoothing tool – to sharpen folds in paper, using heat if you need to be extra neat/fancy.

The most common option I use is 2, because of the sheer volume of pasting that I do.

It’s also especially useful for gluing little header images to plain sheets of letter paper to create your own stationery and give it that more unique touch.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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