The Beauty of Oddments

Hello Escritori,

Happy Valentine’s Day. ❤

I had a lovely morning jaunt on Sunday which was a little craft-buy-a-thon. Amongst other things I bought a reel of red velvet ribbon (perhaps as the merest concession to V-Day) and I thought it was just nice to have around to add some luxury to gifts in general.


The fashion for boxed gifts is non-existent at South Asian Weddings nowadays though, and people are alerting us about the roster for this year’s Wedding Season. Already.

One of the most cheerful purchases was a handpicked batch of hot pink and white candy-striped paper gift bags, in wide bands, which just made me feel happy. I justified buying them because they were a) cheap, b) useful and c) a lot of people seem to be having babies imminently.

As for the potential social faux pas of gender camps Pink and Blue – I personally prefer to be gender neutral but will probably be forced to criss-cross the bags with blue washi tape to avoid offence and cover both bases. *sigh.* I like them enough to keep at least one.

Babies don’t care.

To the main theme however, I wanted this post to be an ode to the potential of things. I do a lot of crafting as a form of Occupational Therapy when I need to relax or my Bipolar is triggering in a cluster. I like to think of the destiny of things to be other than they are.

That is why I had to take a picture of this as soon as I noticed it. This is a picture of some of my recycling that I just didn’t feel I could do anything with…


The more I looked at it the more I thought it looked like a sassy, washed-up country singer, stranded on the way to Nashville and waiting for a Greyhound bus, sitting on her suitcase with her long legs crossed; in the full knowledge that she is a beautiful woman with star quality, who is currently down on her luck.

It was hilarious and tragic because this was essentially just a small pile of trash. But it was also a story. Things are always more than they seem, and I love crafting because it allows you to explore that, the idea that things aren’t quite done when they’re apparently used up… That they’re still waiting to be seen as stars, even from behind a cloud.

Have a lovely day Escritori, you wonderful oddballs. 🙂

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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