Théphilia* & Co

Hello Escritori,

My internal blog compass says that I am not allowed to get stuck on a Tuesday, because the week has to be started correctly – whatever else happens. Then I have the nice midweek making session of a Thursday and a few days grace to panic produce something poem shaped for Sunday.

As a result, to be stuck for content on a Thursday is disconcerting so I gave myself the cheerer-upper of some afternoon tea. I think it’s sad when people don’t use their best things for themselves occasionally.

*Théphilia has nothing to do with the love of wisdom, or God incidentally and everything to do with being partial to a cup of tea.


 Unfortunately this left me with a crafting Thursday shaped hole, so after swiftly decanting (can you decant something that isn’t liquid?) the teabags into a jar I decided to do a quite Insta friendly marble themed make.

If you’re ever in need of interesting catch-all gift-wrap, grab yourself some regular sheets of A4 printer paper, some newspaper (for the mess) and a soft black pastel. If you use charcoal you can also set it with hairspray. This helps prevent transferable smudges (which you’d have more of with pastels) when you’re done smudging out your design.

Draw some lines of various thicknesses across the paper and smudge them out with your fingers as much as possible. Add some lightly skimming veins of gold pen and voila, you have some marble effect gift-wrap. My very sturdy (very pink) Twinings box being available however, I removed all extra bits (including traces of the original glue seals) and decided to cover it.

It took three sheets to cover it inside and out; but before doing anything I gently cleaned away any dusty tea residue in the interior with a makeup wipe and let it dry.


Since the lid was very busy in design terms with a range of colours – I decided to cover it in plain paper (making it four sheets) before I glued the marbled paper over the top just to prevent transparency. I also did this for the front and back wall but all other sides were fine with one layer.

A tip: double sided tape gives a smoother finish but if you would like incidental crinkles use PVA glue. Glue makes the paper a bit more malleable so allow for drying time – especially if you are covering inside and out and do reshape occasionally.

The sheet for the lid had a few veins with a ‘fracture’ design, so I also added some gold foil. I didn’t overdo it because you can also end up with the design looking more like stylised feathers than marble.

Though it takes a while in prep before you get going, most of the construction work is done because the box itself is a good skeleton. I especially think that tea boxes are really good small gift-box sizes. Due to the possibility of pastel dust transfer I would line the inside with cling film/saran wrap if you’re sending out edible treats.

Generally, just add ribbon. If you want to turn it into a (fashion) jewellery box you can hot-glue/superglue a loop of twine and a large bead to the box to create a basic catch.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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