The Art of ‘Le Jouj’

Hello Escritori,

Last Sunday “the Marys” and I went to our cousin’s 26th birthday. I know I usually schedule crafting posts for Thursdays but this seemed a bit more time sensitive.

I wanted to diplomatically avoid mention of anything directly Sunday related in case anything horrendous happened. I had a migraine. After years.

Mary 2 did the present shopping for said cousin. Present and card acquired she did the basic (cube) wrap very well and neatly but it was a bit plain. She was after some metallic ribbon to curl for it but I didn’t have any; and I hadn’t seen it at that point.

When I did see it, I saw that the envelope was pale pink and the paper was khaki, white and dark purple in a leaf design. While I’ve occasionally worn khaki with pale pink, the other colours seemed to only make it darker and the tonal clash seemed very apparent.

Luckily, friends inadvertently to the rescue. My lovely friend Emily (of Stephen and Emily) sent me a care package to cheer me up which was very effective I must say! She wrapped a stack of delicious mini chocolate bars in florist’s wire for me, with paper flowers on it. This lovely ornament was the inspiration for the “jouj-ing up” of the birthday present.

The term isn’t actually French. I think. I just like saying it.

Some jute twine, a little brown paper square base for the flowers, the paler paper flowers and an acetate butterfly helped to tie in the lighter pastel colour of the envelope a bit better.This isn’t shown here (because I’m a bit slapdash) but I also made a brown paper ribbon-cut tag with her name on in forest green, outlined in silver. I did the same for her name on the envelope and felt that everything looked slightly better dressed and more cohesive.

The present itself was a quite high value one, but even so I thought if we’re only going to give one present, it should look especially nice. Personally, since Mary 2 is a designer I was a bit disappointed in her bland approach… and I think that mainly my own instincts were slightly offended, which led me to act.

Thankfully she was appreciative of the jouj-ing by stealth…

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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