Poetry (75)


Grown Up Problems

You know…

On balance


I’ve had rather a long season of beauty.


But I’ve never really known

What it was for,

Nor all about it.

It never sat well with me

When men threw around the B word

It made me feel inadequate

Like a sweater both wet and itchy.


I mean… Beauty.

You cannot grind it

To exploit it.

Extract it,

Preserve it,

Procure the services of an enbalmer

Or a taxidermist.


You cannot bottle it.

It just is.

And so much so that my life’s resolution is

To have a beautiful old lady face.

But now I fear my season of beauty

Is coming to an end

Just when I need most to believe in it


In order to spend, this dubious genetic present

To perhaps, perchance…

Double the investment of it

And add,

Like Olivia, living divers of my looks

To the tapestry of the heroine of my life

Outside of books.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 02/02/2017.)





One thought on “Poetry (75)

  1. Sorry People, I’ve tried to edit the spacing gap in both windows but not been able to make any change because in editing they look fine… but in your view, there’s a gap. The committed have scrolled down thank you!


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