The Belle Jar

Hello Escritori,

In addition to my lovely new milkshake glass vase, I was looking out for a mug to put all my pencils, pens, scissors and general crafting accoutrements in. Or failing that, a plain one that I could bake a Sharpie design into – since it was decorative it wouldn’t matter.

I must’ve been having quite a utilitarian “how they do it in school” moment because I’ve spent a good few years putting everything in this quite rusty, not very attractive recycled tin:


I think it was time for it to go to the great Recycling Point in… wherever the Recycling Point is… and luckily that morning, someone had put a very nice just-finished jam jar in the sink. Once I’d checked that it was the right height for the job and washed it with boiling water, I added some stickers just to crank it up a notch.


Now it looks like a lovely compliment to the milkshake glass vase, and there’s something so nice about seeing all the supplies through the glass. To make everything extra appealing I gave all the pencils a fresh sharpen, which is always a gently therapeutic activity.

Obviously I was a plum and took the picture BEFORE sharpening the pencils but meh.


Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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