Pins and Blog Things

Hello Escritori,

Apologies for the lack of poetry for a little while. Family matters. I have something for this Sunday.

Also, two technological things have happened. I have a new phone, with a very good camera, (unless you’re using indoor evening light) and I’ve got into Pinterest.


Now, don’t worry I’m not about to launch a bajillion ways for you to keep in touch with me.

Much as I am fond of you all, I am also quite happy that I can be away without anyone being too bothered about it. It puts the kibosh on crippling feelings of inadequacy that I am not relentlessly birthing content like a digital Queen Bee. The reason I’m mentioning Pinterest is because after being there, I came back to my blog and felt (this happens periodically) felt like it was sort of shabby and shambolic looking.

I’ve tried to increase the number of tiles with a mainly white background, to look cleaner and calmer. Also I genuinely thought I’d be writing more on a blog called The Escritorium, exploring etymology etc. Not giving people crafting hacks about how to deal with sticky scissors…

I want to be open to that, if that is the kind of growth that’s happening, but I don’t know, maybe it’s Spring coming that makes me want to overhaul the whole kit and caboodle.

My kingdom for a clean WP Theme! 

Also, I’ve seriously thought now about not doing my own visuals any more. Just so the quality of everything improves at a glance, instead of how it looks at present. In lots of different areas in life, I feel like the child with pencil who has this lush imaginative/self-actualisation interior vision that can’t be rendered on paper due to lack of skill. I’d like the blog to smarten up its act. It’s my baby.

I guess my New Year’s Resolutions are emerging organically:

  1. Bake more.
  2. Get back on the run. (Not from the law. Heh.)
  3. Maintain your extremities (hands and feet.)
  4. Don’t pressure yourself to write, but just write.
  5. Try to close “the gap” between idea and reality. And streamline.

I’m already a heck of a lot tidier than I was, so that’s something to be proud of.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



2 thoughts on “Pins and Blog Things

  1. I would like to read more of your writing – I am biased, though! – but as you say you don’t want it ot be a chore. I’ve found writing regularly makes me want to write more and makes it easier to do when the time comes. A habit tunes up your brain so it becomes pretty efficient at producing ideas.
    But then you have a lovely range of hobbies it would be sad to cut back on – not a one trick pony like I am 🙂


  2. Oh but my dear, how your gee-gee GOES…!

    They’re sort of ‘hobby therapy’ really. When things get a bit too hectic, I start stress-crafting to relax. I think it’s actually a thing. Well I will try, on top of finding jobs and Adulting. I definitely believe in the idea of a ‘writing muscle’ that needs exercising.


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