Marchesa’s Mermaids!

Hello Escritori,

At the turn of each fashion season I will dip into the Youtube shows to see what’s shaking.

This is just in terms of me being able to see what colours might be popular ahead of time. I then have an idea of what accessories to supplement some of my good foundation pieces. I might find a somewhat fresher, more current colour combination. Maroon is holding sway into Spring, after being absent for a while as an Autumnal and tonal staple, following the deep shade into Spring are the darker palette florals of Winter.


The soft pinks that were all over high-street knitwear for Winter transition well into spring along with white, pale grey, aqua and antique gold lace . Mauve, khaki,  vertical stripes in cricketing and school blazer colours, velvet, lots of military, camel, and my personal favourite: Marchesa doing the mermaid thing with zero apology, lots of tulle frills, slicked back hair and bejwelled hair-clips tucked behind each ear.

It’s very feminine, luxe and relishes fabric that moves and catches the light. There’s nothing more to say, other than enjoy it, really:

Keep swimming,

~ Pola ~


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