Humbugs and Butterflies

Hello Escritori,

The humbug bag stripes again! Haha.

This is how I’ve presented my cousin’s present and card ready for his 18th birthday.


You’ve seen the card in a previous post, but the colour palette is aqua, brown and white and copper. Nearer the time I may make him some bunting for the big birthday.

I’ve also started developing these acetate butterflies, or at least their wings for a future birthday present. I’m making a themed hanging mobile for Mary 3’s birthday but I can’t tell you about it yet. I shall simply say, she is a Potterhead.


The process is a little bit long winded, you need to trace wing shapes with a permanent Sharpie onto an acetate sheet and then stipple the lines with gold gel pen dots, leaving a slight gap. When that’s dry, (ideally the next day) stipple in the gaps of the lines with silver gel pen. This gives the wings more variance and dimension.

Let that dry, then repeat that processes on the other side, especially if you’re going to make the wings ‘stand’ on your project, or are hanging them for a 360 degree view.

For now I’m using them experimentally as cake toppers on wire (a few twisted together to stand in a celebration cake) and also on cards with collage.

Out of interest, would anyone buy this? 



~ Pola ~


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