Flash Fiction (5)

Inspired by stories on TIMBER, the dating app for lonely, converted, derelict or haunted buildings.


She’s an absolute confection.

Like an iced lemon-cake, or a something from a fairy-tale. She’s draped in climbers and clematis every summer and she lives in the middle of a garden. It’s a garden guarded by ubiquitous Bath Stone pillars.

Petite Yellow Shed Café, warm and outdoorsy, well wired and with WI-FI included, seeks similar, (or larger) well appointed outhouse or barn for long term relationship.

Aged timbers no issue. Pre-fabs or conversions welcome.

I heard her composing the Lonely Hearts ad. Frankly, it breaks mine.

For I will always be the municipal Litter Bin. A loyal shadow on the other side of the pillars; and she will be forever lovely, so near and yet so far.

(© Copyright Pola Negri, 08/01/2017.)


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