Paper “Humbug” Bunting D.I.Y.

Hello Escritori,

Does anyone else get that thing of thinking of poetry at night and forgetting it in the morning? I do. I try to train myself to remember it most times. Here is a D.I.Y for you though.

I actually prepared a much longer name bunting for a later date and made Mum’s much shorter one out of the leftovers. I also gave Mum’s bunting the glue and glitter treatment.

After which I am now convinced that glitter (or at least tiny test tubes of it) are an instrument of torture…


The bread and butter of this make was the job lot of striped paper bags I bought recently (100 for 75p) a total steal that I won’t cry over if I throw it away. A £1 jute string reel added some rustic charm and I bought some laser cut wood letters.

First fold your rectangular bag (or gift wrap) in half lengthwise and cut into a triangle.

If you are using a bag, ensure that the sealed seam of the bag is at the top, this will make the seal for the string thicker and stronger. You may want to keep this triangle together with pegs or paperclips when you are cutting duplicates. I cut one bunting flag per letter.

Next I traced the wood letters onto thick black card. I coloured the letters in with white and then ochre soft pastels and smudged the colours together. I then outlined the letters in gold to help them stand out more, and went over the gaps in the letters with black pen.

Centre and place the letters and then glue them on. Clip the sides of top seam so that the flag now has flaps that open, but are still joined at the top with a crease.

Open the top flap and put a some double-sided tape on the inside, along the top seam. Measure out your length of jute and double it. Knot it at both ends. Put your string between both layers, pressing it into the double sided tape. Put double-sided tape on the other sides in the same way. Press the front flap closed over the back flap.

That’s one done!

Leave about a hand-span  of space before you stick on your next letter and repeat. If you find that the end result is too long, or looks gappy, you can pinch pleat the string between each flag and tie a knot to bring letters closer together.


I don’t know if I’ll bother with glitter again; mainly because it’s messy and patchy and I need to pretend I have some sort of life which doesn’t involve glue and glitter and using furniture polish to clean sticky scissors.

That’s a hack. *sighs* You’re welcome. It also works to get stickers off book covers.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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