Card Cakes and Pebble Milkshakes

Hello Escritori,

With all the chatter about the subversive nature of Twelfth Night in the air… I went craft shopping to continue my habit of buying enough cards and sundries to make everyone’s birthday card ahead of time.

What’s subversive about that I hear you cry with my telepathic sonar?


Nothing much. Except that just like Flying Tiger I tend to never use a thing for its original purpose. I call it an “Ariel with a fork” moment… or habit. Sadly my second favourite go-to craft store, (which I was pleased to find after the first one shut down) is due to close on Valentine’s Eve. So I browsed there as well as F.T.


Currently my hijab pins are a bit disorderly, I needed to get a very plain ring dish for them, and found a candle dish instead. It is brass effect, (more like the ones in the background here) looks very warm and also is deep enough for me not to see the mess of the fafillion pearl-ended pins in there.

I can pretend that I am a true believer in the cult of minimalism. 


I also needed a new vase for the fake bouquet in my room. My original vase came out of a kit I did years ago as a child. The glass was thick, heavy and cuboid and the colours on it were faded by the sun. Shabby. Tired. Bulky. Questing around, I fixed on the idea of using a milkshake glass as a vase instead. A sprinkle of white-painted glass pebbles (from the other store) and it was sufficiently weighted to take the height of the flowers.

And you never know when you might need an emergency milkshake.

A nice find at F.T.was some jute string. It took strong willpower not to get sucked into the lure of the ribbons. This string, paired with some humbug-striped small paper bags and some laser woodcut letters; would, I think, make a really fun bunting project.

I made a serious faux-pas by going to Paperchase. I bought some ridiculously overpriced pens… (including the copper one used on the card) and a set of tiny silver pegs and silver string. I think I’ll use them to make another kind of bunting style decoration. In fact, just now I had the idea of maybe making some kites on a string?

Watch this space. It’s about to get handicraft-y.

Keep scribbling,

~  Pola  ~



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