Adieu, 2016

Hello Escritori,



It is so important to actually stop and take stock – and to be honest, that’s the reason I gave up journalling, because I didn’t want to just charge through life. I wanted to find the value in it, and also talk to other people.

I’m having to lean on a lot of C.B.T. at the moment to try to face a lot of blank pages: not just the screen but the blank page of the year, my career and life in general. It’s very hard to arm yourself and try to dust off your rusty imagination and apply it to life, with as much conviction as a child.

That said, I’m looking to collaborate with other people this year, and I seem to suddenly have this desperate urge to make things of creative value – with other creative people… I’m not a visual artist at all, more a hobby crafter… but if you have theatrical projects needing props or ANYTHING, please do email as it will force me to think about the toolkit

I come with. I intend to make beautiful things… writing seems to be getting harder and harder. All I have are picture book ideas.

This year on The Escritorium:

I kicked off the year with a poem about an imagined post-coital breakfast. 😉

I started writing book reviews and tried to get my picture book to London.

I gained and lost a few jobs, and lbs….

I bought and featured my moonstone ring – as a symbol of my commitment to my own future good health.

I wrote some of my best articles about bipolar disorder.

I had a 27th crafting birthday and managed not to get glitter in the pasta salad.

I made some pretty cards and did some nifty D.I.Y.s

I wrote a lot of Regency themed content after going to Bath – including a marriage between mannequins.

I celebrated The Escritorium’s First Birthday!

I posted my first serial The White Room on the blog, after so much support from you on writing prompts. ❤

I had a panic attack in Wedding Season and used C.B.T to help me never to feel that way again.

I hit 1oo followers and was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!

Mermaids held sway in my poetry and I taught Lynn how to dress like a mermaid, hijabi style.

And I’m proud of everything.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



2 thoughts on “Adieu, 2016

  1. Thank you Lynn, I’ll be trying to get all my real ducks in order this year on the job front. If you would like to collaborate… declare yourself a collaborator! Been to Flying Tiger for a craft based pep up. 😉


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